Who are we?

This idea was born out of the desire to fulfill a basic need in a different way. Drinking water is something that we must do every day, so from there we thought how can we use a product that allows us to stay hydrated, made of ecofreindly materials and also allow us to donate to and help to preserve nature.

Aquma was born as a start up located in Switzerland, with shipping option to Colombia. With our first product: Aquma Bottles, made of glass and bamboo, come with time indicators from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm as a reference to remember what time you should drink a sip again.

For each bottle purchased, 10 m2 of rainforest are preserved hand in hand with o2reserve, an organization that works for the conservation of a majestic region located in Colombia.


''In this place, we found the opportunity to start this awareness project, a sanctuary for an infinity of life forms, which provides a strategic position, since this reserve is located in one of the most critical points of the so-called Jaguar Corridor, a global initiative that seeks to connect extensive areas of biodiversity in order to allow not only its existence, but also the good living of each of the beings that inhabit it''. - o2reserve

 Three steps at once:

° Be-eco. Be-friendly. Stay Hydrated °