October 8, 2020

We, as human beings have two main ways in which we lose water during our daily routines:

1. When we urinate.
2. By sweating.

There are many reasons that can vary when it comes to how much water we lose in a day, and therefore how much we need to drink. However, today we want to show you how to find out how hydrated you are and this only by going to the toilet.
The color of the urine is the most practical and effective way to know our level of hydration.
For that reason we share with you a colour chart, which represents how the colour of urine can vary according to the water status.

Thumb rule: "The darker it is, the more you should drink"

It is important for us to advise you in the best possible way about this daily activity that influences our health so much. Now, stay hydrated!

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